Polygone Vert

Rental of plants and decors


Invite nature in

With Polygone Vert, create a garden area and floral environment that reflects your image.
Floral decoration is an art in itself, and that is why Polygone Vert has developed a dedicated range of essential services for your events, such as:

  • creative design
  • delivery and removal
  • installation
  • maintenance

Out team of specialists work by your side to offer comprehensive support throughout the project and advise you in selecting among our wide and continually upadted range of plants, trees, flower arrangements, pots and decorative items to create the floral atmosphere you imagined.

Plants and flower arrangements symbolise life and nature and add a unique personal touch to your events.
Polygone Vert provides a range of essential services to create and design your event space, such as:

  • the creation of the space for your decor
  • the delivery
  • the installation
  • the maintenance
  • the removal